Lisa Aquilina is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, dreamer, visionary and innovator on a mission to help individuals live and lead a life they love. As a Business & Branding Strategist, Personal Development Coach, Writer, Author and Motivational Speaker, Lisa has helped transform the lives and businesses of countless clients with her insatiable desire to inspire, motivate and mentor individuals who are in the pursuit of living their most extraordinary life.


With more than two decades of expertise in the Beauty & Wellness industry, Lisa brings invaluable experience to the table. Having managed multiple successful businesses, ascended the corporate ladder, led accomplished teams, and breathed life into brands through her unwavering commitment to excellence, she stands as a seasoned professional in her field.


Driven by a profound desire to help and serve others, Lisa embarked on a transformative journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship. She began to transform her life in unimaginable ways and intuitively knew that her purpose was to help others do the same.


Her passion for coaching has blossomed into a thriving brand and business with clients across North America, Europe and abroad. Through this, she has fostered a growing community of like-minded individuals with a shared desire to live their best life.


As a renowned writer, published author, and motivational speaker, Lisa has been featured in various publications, podcasts and T.V appearances, and her children’s book, Alphamations, has become a family favourite around the world.